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 Gary Chambers                                          Twahan P. Harris


This newsletter is intended to EXPOSE a major problem we have in our city and the fight for JUSTICE. The never-ending fight for JUSTICE in America for blacks have been a fight that has been ongoing ever since we arrived here in America. It seems to be a battle that’s a No Win for us. We should, and we must, investigate why such a battle has been so difficult for us to achieve. Many would place the blame upon the “white man”.  However, if we take a very close observation of our problem, we can clearly see that our biggest problem is some of our own. 


For Baton Rouge, one of our social media mess makers, have been one of our biggest setbacks. Gary Chambers takes to social media blasting people that he isn’t in agreement with. Gary Chambers has, in his mind, been holding people accountable for their actions when it comes to community and political issues.  However, when he was recently placed in the hot seat, it has been a seat he isn’t willing or man enough to accept.


Gray Chambers, along with five other people, whom Gary has labeled as city leaders (we are so quick to give ourselves a title, which is a problem within itself), went to Whitney Bank to complain about Blane Salamoni, the murderer of Alton Sterling, being allowed to perform extra duty work as a police officer while being on suspension from the Baton Rouge Police Department for the murder of Mr. Sterling.  Whitney Bank should have never allowed Salamoni to be hired for extra duty work because he had no authority to arrest anyone while on suspension and being relieved of his law enforcement duties.  He wasn’t authorized to carry his badge or his service weapon.  While on suspension, Salamoni’s authority to carry a gun should have fallen under the same laws as ordinary citizens.  Being connected to the “right people”, can allow strange and criminal activity to take place and go unnoticed.  During the conversation with Gary Chambers and the “city leaders”, Whitney Bank agreed to pay these “den of thieves” $35,000 if they agreed not to protest, and please don’t forget, all of this was supposed to have been about Alton Sterling, right.  WRONG!  Not one RED CENT went to Alton Sterling’s children (SMH).  Gary Chambers, in his own words, claims Whitney Bank didn’t want any of the money to be given to the Sterling family.  He claimed he was instructed to allocate the funds to non-profit organizations.  Gary chose to give some of the money to Twahna P. Harris, of The Butterfly Society, who was also present at the meeting, and several other groups he’s connected to. 



For the past few days, Gary Chambers has been going in hard on Kayne West. He’s accusing him of being in a “sunken place” for wearing a Make America Great Again hat.  Gary always plays the race card when it benefits him. He has called Donald Trump a racist bigot.  I guess that’s his reason for blasting Kayne for speaking of his love and admiration for Donald Trump.  Here’s where things get HYPOCRITICAL.  A year ago, Gary Chambers asked the public not to go to or support John Delgado’s club 1913 because he was a racist bigot.  Keep in mind, John Delgado openly supported Blane Salamoni, the murderer of Alton Sterling.  Delgado has said, Salamoni shouldn’t have been fired from his job and he continue to stand by his words today. 


I have a question for Gary, if you can hang out with a racist bigot, remember YOU told us Delgado was these things, what’s the problem with Kayne doing or trying to do the same? 


Gary has also jumped on the boycott bandwagon with the hashtag #ImOUTWaffleHouse after a Black Woman had her breast exposed by police officers who slammed her to the floor when a Waffle House manager notified the police after she questioned having to pay for disposable utensils to go with her to-go order. Gary also called for a boycott of Starbucks after two Black Men were arrested for sitting in the coffee shop and not buying anything.  We should boycott over these issues of racism and discrimination. 


But, once again, I have a question for Gary Chambers.  Why didn’t you call for a boycott of Whitney Bank?


The movement is NON-NEGOTIABLE.  It should never be compromised under any circumstances. However, Gary like many others who came before him have learned to play the GAME.  I have found playing the GAME hard to do and have remained TRUE to who and what I am.  Many people have asked, including Gary Chambers, that we not discuss these issues in the public because, in their words, white people are laughing at us. I, for one, have never gave a DAMN how white folks look at me.  My mission is to stand for my people, my family, and myself.  If I was looking to be accepted and loved, I could play the GAME like Gary.  When I say play the game, I mean, I could stop talking about what concerns black people and talk about how far we have come.  But that’s not my reality.  I know we have come a long way, but I also know we have an even longer way to go. If you don’t know, I know.  This is why I can’t play the game.  Even if it meant that I die, I rather be dead than play that GAME. 


I’m not looking for money for what I do.  I’m promised a reward from GOD for what I do.  Not exposing Gary Chambers for who and what he is would be like seeing a cockroach in your house and not spraying RAID on the cockroach. After a while, the cockroach will multiply, and multiply, and multiply.  The cockroach can multiple because you saw the first one and slept on it. Now there’s FIVE of them.  Then ten.  Then you have a colony of cockroaches taking over.  HYPOCRITES like Gary Chambers and others like him, are human cockroaches crawling around in the dark because they don’t come out when the lights are on.  When the lights are on, they run.  When the dark comes, cockroaches will move out looking for filth because cockroaches love filth.  Be aware of these HUMAN COCKROACHES.  


Regardless of how Gary has tried to cover his “behind” by reporting my Facebook posts and keeping me to be banned from Facebook for 30 days now, I refuse to let Gary Chambers sweep this under the rug.  

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