Almost every relationship has its own set of differences, problems, issues and arguements now and then nevertheless, Domestic Violence is different from common marital or relationship problems. Domestic Violence is a consistent pattern of abuse that a partner use to control their spouse behavior. knowing the difference and signs that you are in a abusive relationship can ultimately determine life or death.

Domestic Violence initially starts with subtle threats, and/or name-calling and gradually builds up to physical confrontation. Recognizing signs of abuse can be the contributing factor in removing yourself from harms way. Here are 3 signs to help you in assessing spousal abuse:

1) ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP: There are many signs that illustrate your in a abusive relationship. The most common is physical abuse, yet emotional and psychological abuse can be severe as well. Emotional and psychological abuse can destroy your self-esteem, cause anxiety and depression; even produce feelings of hopelessness. This sort of abuse can wear you down and deprive you of happiness.
2) EXCESSIVELY JEALOUS AND POSSESSIVE: Do your spouse want to control what you do? Where you go? And dictate when you see your family or friends? Do he/she limit your access to money?Or constantly check on you? If you answered yes to any one of those questions, then chances are you’re in a abusive relationship, and its only a matter of time before it turns violent.
3) TEARS YOU DOWN INSTEAD OF BUILDING YOU UP: The aim of emotional abuse is to diminish your self-worth and independence. If you experience being humliated, yelled at, criticized; He/She put-down your thoughts or accomplishments- you are involved with an abusive spouse and the problem is bigger than what you think.
In essence, there are telltale signs that can serve as a signal that you are in a abusive relationship. Pay attention to those signs while you still have a chance to get out. Everyone deserve a life partner to love. In the end, you will be pleased that you made the right choice to leave…

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