THREE HOT’S AND A COT

                             A Message To All You Killers

At The End Of The Day All You Get Is A Mere Three Hot’s And A Cot


   A life of incarceration is far from the leisure of a summer vacation. Unlike the glamour and tough guy image depicted in the prime time series such as “prison break”, a life in prison can break the spirit of even the strongest man.

     It only takes one meal in prison for it to register that prison food is part of the sentence of hard labor. Although the law requires that you are given three meals or three “hots a day”, the law doesn’t require that those three “hot’s” are served like a five star restaurant and that they taste like Momma’s homemade cooking. To begin with, prison food is prepared without seasoning or common spices that give food its flavor. On average, prison meals bear no taste as a reminder of how good a Big Mac form McDonalds use to taste, or how much you miss sinking your teeth in some Popeye’s chicken.

     In prison, meals are served on foam trays or recycled trays that absorb odors. If you’re lucky, you might condition yourself to swallow food without chewing, or you might learn to eat just enough to get by. After a while, depending on how much time you have served, you learn to block out all those television commercials that advertise favorite food.


     Besides the horrible food served in prison, you will be given a “cot” to sleep on. This “cot” is made of cheap cushioning inexpensively covered in heat attracting plastic. In the summertime, the sweat from your body will stick to this plastic. To top that off, your “cot” comes with a life time companion known as a bunk. Your bunk is made from hard metal welded together to form an iron slab. Within a couple of months of sleeping on a “cot” your lower back will ache in agony from its lace of cushioning and its unwavering structure. After awhile every morning you awaken, your body will be sore and ache from sleeping on a “cot”. After years spent sleeping on a “cot”, your body will tell a story of how miserable going to sleep in prison can be.

     Oftentimes, we never think about the consequences of our actions and how they will impact our lives until its too late. We never stop and think about what conditions will be like in prison if we kill or rob someone. Prison living is far from the images depicted on TV or those movies that tend to make life in prison a walk in the park.

     Before you make a mistake and pull that trigger, think about what all you will give up


just because someone stepped on your shoes or because someone made you mad. Think of all those commodities that you are accustom to on a day to day basis such as food, soft pillows & fluffy beds, air condition, hygiene products and clothes. All those things that make living in society comfortable are out the door the moment you pull the trigger.

     Life is hard enough without the extra complications. Why make life more miserable by spending days eating three “hots” and spending nights sleeping on a “cot”. Never take from granted being free and having the choice to eat what you want, and to sleep how you want. Besides, why trade McDonald’s and Popeye’s for three hots and a cot.

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